5 Responses to “Pork Chop Casserole”

  1. Ashley Suell says:

    What wine can we drink if we’re having deer for diner? I prefer a white wine. Is Semillon a good option? and what about my friends who want a red wine? cabernet Sauvignon?

    • loremi says:

      The general rule is if you are having white meat, fish, vegetables and light sauce during the meal, white wine is the best option. If you are having red meats or thick and heavy sauced meal, red wine is the best.

  2. My casserole came out fantastic. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Both my mother and nanny (on mom’s side of the family, the one on my dad’s side tends to make some pretty revolting casseroles)can make a mean BBQ Chicken casserole in addition to a creamy Tuna casserole. I’ve experimented with but never gotten to stomach more than 2 bites of Greenbean casserole yet. Something about slimy onion rings as well as the overbearing scent of greenbeans blended with onions never bodes well with me.

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